MEET OUR NEW SPRING/SUMMER 2024 INTERN: Ysabella Beatriz Chiongbian Punzalan

Ysabella in 2023, Fort Myers, Florida

CIAO CIAO! My name is Ysabella (Trissy). I am an International student from Manila and a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Sarah Lawrence College.

When was your first time in New York? What surprised you the most about this city?

My first time in New York was a trip with my family. I remember having coffee near Stonewall Inn for the first time and being excited by the neighborhood, shops, and museums.

How did you first become interested in art history

I used to spend my summers with my grandmother who loved to share her history books with me. The subjects we found most compelling to read together were ancient civilizations and artists.

Best 3 museums or art sites worldwide according to your taste?

It’s always changing but my experiences are colored by the time I spent living as a student in Paris. The d’Orsay for instance, is a timeless classic. Each visit leaves me feeling nostalgic. The Fondation Louis Vuitton hosted some of my favorite modern art exhibitions which include Monet & Mitchell and the Rothko Retrospective. Special shout out to Musée de l’Orangerie for its beautiful architectural interior that houses panoramic canvases of Monet’s lilies

What do you hope to gain from this experience at CIMA? What are the things that you are most looking forward to?

I look forward to working with CIMA’s reputable staff and fellows. As someone who’s always dreamed of working in the art world, everything is new and exciting but I’m happy just to get my foot in the door. Being able to witness the life cycle of an exhibition is pretty special.