CIMA is 2!

On February 26, CIMA hosted a special evening marking our second anniversary. We celebrated CIMA’s three remarkable exhibitions (on Fortunato Depero, Medardo Rosso, and Giorgio Morandi), our twelve research fellows, and the vital support offered by our charter members and friends.

The evening began with a “culinary intervention” staged by Turi Scalori, also known as Chef Turi, who is a chef, teacher, performance artist, and the co-founder of the Akrai artist residency program in Sicily. Turi drew inspiration from Giorgio Morandi’s compositions to concoct a theatre of marvelous morsels.

Chef Turi Scalora with his Morandi "culinary intervention." Photo by Luisa de Luca.
Chef Turi Scalora with his Morandi “culinary intervention.” Photo by Luisa de Luca.

 Guests enjoyed a special unveiling by CIMA’s founder, Laura Mattioli, of a unique, double-sided Morandi painting from the 1910s—featuring a still life of a cactus on one side and Morandi’s very first self-portrait on the verso. The self-portrait was long believed to have been destroyed by the artist. It was only discovered in 2008 during conservation work done in preparation for the major retrospective that year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Laura Mattioli discusses Giorgio Morandi's Cactus painting. Photo by Luisa de Luca.
Laura Mattioli discusses Giorgio Morandi’s Cactus painting. Photo by Luisa de Luca.

CIMA also officially announced its next exhibition, opening in October, which will be devoted to Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978), one of Italy’s greatest modern masters, and Giulio Paolini (b. 1940), one of its greatest living artists. It is the first time that CIMA will showcase two artists as subjects of our season, and the first time we will focus in depth on postwar themes.

With your support, we look forward to continuing our mission of fostering the next generation of art historians, creating an experience for our visitors founded on close looking and conversation, and highlighting the richness and complexity of Italian modern art and culture.

Help us celebrate by sharing CIMA with your friends and colleagues. Your contribution can truly make a huge impact. Thank you for your support!