Two Reliefs – The Three Graces and Composition, by Fall 2020 Fellow, Claudia Daniotti

Written by CIMA Fall 2020 Fellow, Claudia Daniotti.

Among the artworks featuring in the exhibition Marino Marini: Arcadian Nudes, two bronze reliefs are displayed side by side. Not only do they encapsulate perfectly the theme of the show, that is, the representation of the female body, but also exemplify a key feature in Marini’s artistic…

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PART 4 of our online tour of Marino Marini: Arcadian Nudes

With our spaces closed, we continue our online tour of the current exhibition, Marino Marini: Arcadian Nudes. 

Pomona, 1941: 

This life-size sculpture constitutes a ‘point of arrival’ for Marini’s research before the fracture in his artistic production, caused by the war experience and his self-exile in Switzerland.  This bronze, once again, has a very belabored surface,…

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