A message of positivity and gratitude

As you may know, CIMA has been closed since March 13th, 2020 due to the ongoing public health crisis related to COVID-19.

It breaks our heart to interrupt our programs, fellowships, guided tours, and exhibition viewing hours, but the reason for doing this is beyond our– or anyone’s–control.  We must follow official directives, and we ask that everyone who is a non-essential worker do so as well.

That said, since the second week of March, we have received an outpouring of positive messages from people in our community and from our members.

Some of you have renewed your memberships with us, even during this difficult time: your generosity and dedication to CIMA brightens our days and gives us hope.

Your support in this circumstance gives us strength to push through these difficulties, and confirms our gratefulness to art lovers in NYC and abroad.

Messages, donation, and even just kind thoughts boost our morale. CIMA will continue with its mission to spread awareness about Italian modern art. Even while we are unable to offer much tangible in return, know that we are working tirelessly ‘behind the scenes,’ in the hopes of coming back once this is all over, stronger and better than ever.