Sergio Cortesini

Sergio Cortesini is Associate Professor at the University of Pisa. He is the author of essays on various aspects of the political rhetoric and interactions of the Italian and American art scenes in the 1930s. His book One day we must meet: le sfide dell’arte e dell’architettura italiana in America 1933–1941 (Monza: Johan & Levi, 2018) discusses the diplomatic challenges assigned by the Italian Fascist government to modern art and architecture in New Deal America. He has also written on Emilio Vedova (“Semantica della rivolta e dell’umanismo in Emilio Vedova,” in Fenomenologia e Storia delle emozioni, ed. V. Fiorino and A. Fussi; Pisa: ETS, 2017), Damien Hirst (“Dropping Like Flies: Post-humanism in Damien Hirst’s Natural History Series,” Ricerche di Storia dell’Arte, no. 118, 2016), and the mobilization of the artists in the burgeoning Italian movement of homosexual liberation in the early 1970s (“La fondazione del FUORI e la mobilitazione degli artisti, 1971–1974,” Whatever: A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies, no. 2, 2019).